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Gason - The Premiere

On November 30th, 2019, Gason was shown to the public. With multiple screenings on that very date, and an overwhelming amount of love and support from the community, the event was a major success.

Gason is of course, a love letter to Haiti, the Haitian community and a message to us living in the developed world. To show compassion, and to continue building bridges for future generations to become agents of change through the arts. Gason is also a passion project that would not have been made possible without your support and the spectacular cast from Reel Talents TO.

If you ever get the chance to go to Haiti, take it. Gason will be making more screening appearances in the future. Hopefully to a location near you.

Thank you again to everyone for making this event a success. We cannot wait to show you our future projects, events and plans to come.


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