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Your support in any way is important to Bridging the Gap In Motion.  With the vast amounts of opportunities available, each bit can truly go a long way.  Also, take advantage of our overseas positions as well.  Learn how you can get involved today and be part of an truly immersive experience.

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Volunteer Your Time

Join us on our international retreats or help us out during our events we host throughout the year!  Volunteer your time to hep our mission to create a difference.  Get in touch with us and learn how you can make an impact.

Make a Donation

Your generosity and involvement will always be deeply appreciated by people like you.  Your contribution goes towards making Bridging the Gap In Motion better than it already is.  To learn where exactly where your support goes to, please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.

Partner with Us

One of the greatest ways to get involved with Bridging the Gap In Motion is to involve the community.  Your support will help us be more united and create a great ecosystem of outstanding individuals and activties.  Learn how you can Partner with us today!

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Get Involved: Testimonials

Going on all of these amazing retreats has been such a wonderful experience. It has helped to build my character, my confidence and overall help me grow as an actress. The retreats give you real life experience on what an actual set would be like and prepares you so that you can get into your character right away. It teaches one how to be professional and is overall a good time as well. The after product of each retreat is also astonishing!!! 

Sincerely Zoe 


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